The second book

The Tomb of Sharakir
So here is book two. The Tomb of Sharakir see’s our heroes heading off in what looks like an impossible mission to find the long lost Tomb of Sharakir. Little do they know, but as they toil half way across the world, that their destination will also alter their destinies.



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8 responses to “The second book

  1. Please feel free to comment on these books. All questions will be greatfully recieved, and answered

    • When I began writing these Chronicles it was my intention to make them accessable to everyone. This seems to be the case, as I have recently recieved word from several new, and unexpected fans, that they seemed to be compelled to read them. These, I have to say, are people who have never before read any fantasy works, yet found they could not put the Chronicles down once they started reading. So it just goes to show that this sort of work can surprise people.

  2. Hi Davie, yes I can see your comments and I should get an email every time you post. 😀

    • thesilentblade

      Ah good, Thanks Kate. This is a big learning curve for me, but I’m getting there.

      • thesilentblade

        Fantasy is the only genre which allows an author to freely express the true nature of the human mind

      • thesilentblade

        And so work continues on the third book. Having reached chapter twenty two the story is now beginning to heat up, as the two factions get ready to face each other on the field of battle. Will the Silent Blade have enough influence over their new allies to redress the balance of power? Will the dragons be given the command to fight? Or will the evil Deathbane march into the northern ranks and decimate them?
        So many questions, and even i am not sure of the answers yet. This tale has taken on a life of its own, and i am simply a pilot, desperately hanging on to the controls of a wildly spinning machine.

  3. Hi Davie
    Here’s a comment.
    Actually I’m looking forward to seeing the books, dutiful daughters have promised to buy them for me when they come out in paperback

    • thesilentblade

      Ah, the comments seem to be working just fine… at least these two did.

      Jim, tell your daughters that book one “A Sword for Hire” is already out in paperback, and available to buy on amazon

      Marcus, thanks for the congrats.

      And to both of you, please feel free to drop in any time. I will try to answer any questions on the Silent Blade Chronicles that you might have

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