The Silent Blade Chronicles

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Hi all, I have just created this blog for my books. This is a first for me, so I hope I managed to get it right.
The first two books in the Silent Blade Chronicles are now out there, available on amazon, in ebook format, and book one is now out in paperback. This is a traditional fantasy, written to be an easy read, which I hope should give you all a smile.
Please feel free to make your comments, and ask questions. I will endevour to answer them to the best of my ability.

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  1. Right Nightwing. Go to appearance in that column on the right hand side of your dashboard, click ‘themes’ and pick out Pilcrow. Then, click on this link, and it will show you how to make it so your blog shows the image of your choice, which, I’m guessing is the top one.

    Any questions, let me know and I’ll try to help.



    • thesilentblade

      Got it, thanks MTM, I wondered how to do that. Looks better now with my wolf

      • thesilentblade

        A big Hi to all my new followers, and welcome to this blog. Please feel free to ask questions and i will answer them for you.

      • thesilentblade

        Hi Jim, and welcome to the Silent Blade Chronicles blog.
        Latest update on book three is that I have just started work on chapter 22, which means I only have about another two or three chapters to go and it will be finished

  2. great looking foward to reading number 3 book….x

  3. I’ve just finished a fight scene. I hate ’em!

    • thesilentblade

      As the Silent Blade Chronicles develope, book three ends with a large battle scene. However, most of the story is more to do with the development of the characters and the actual plot. But I do find fight scenes easy to write

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