At long last I am now able to bring my dragons into the fight. This has been a long-awaited moment, and one which I am relishing. Now it is time to unleash the awesome power of these beasts and bring a balance to the fight

Happy reading everyone.



February 28, 2013 · 6:30 pm

2 responses to “Dragons

  1. I Love dragons. Mine are usually quite small cute little one but they are awesome when you get a biggy!!!!

    • thesilentblade

      My dragons are still relatively young, although they have now grown to fighting size. The fighting wings are all made up of males, while the females stay behind building their nests and caring and hunting for the young… although a few act as scouts for the fighters. Main visual difference between mine are: males have horned heads, while females don’t have horns. My dragons have only one natural enemy, and they are the smaller wyvern. These beasts are totally feral, and will attack on sight anything that moves. They are extremely hard to kill ( being covered in tough armored scales, ) and being smaller, are much more agile in the air. A dragon needs to get in very close to catch it with his fire if he wants to continue living

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