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The use of magic

Although there are several small fight scenes throught the Silent Blade books, this small scene shows just how powerful magic can be. I do not use magic for killing within my books as a rule, But this is the first example of a magical killing in my books, and I would like to share it with you all.

Quatho strode off towards a small stand of trees, with Gig following slowly behind her. Once they reached the trees he looked round to make sure no-one could see them, and started to scrape a circle on the ground with her foot. Once she was finished she beckoned Gig to stand inside the circle and she began reciting the spell to transport them to the castle.

They landed in one of the outer courtyards, and Quatho did not waste any time in finding a doorway into the castle. She had never been in Garramor castle before, but she could sense the power emanating from the Deathbane trapped below it, and it was that which drew her to them. Moving as fast as her thin old legs could carry her she made her way quickly down a spiralling stair till she found herself in a large room. They were far below the castle now and the only light came from a few torches burning in their wall sconces. To Quatho’s surprise a fat little man in a grubby uniform was sitting at a battered old table. He rose when Quatho burst into the room, and was about to speak, when she raised a hand towards him.

The middle-aged soldier never knew what hit him. Without breaking her stride, Quatho said two quick words in her arcane language, and a bolt of fire shot from her hand. The fire hit the man full in the middle of his chest, slamming him against the wall with enough force to split his head open on the stonework. He slid to the floor in a pool of blood and smoking innards.

‘You sure is good at that,’ Gig sniggered.

‘Shut up, Gig,’ she growled back

They moved towards another door and Quatho was about to put her hand on the iron ring to open it when the door swung open to reveal a young sorceress standing on the other side.

‘Who are you…’ she began then saw the body of the guard lying on the floor and gasped.

The young sorceress’s hesitance was all Quatho needed. Lifting her hand again she uttered the two words and again a ball of flame shot out, this time hitting the young girl full in the face. She fell, dead before she even hit the floor, with more than half of her head burned away by Quatho’s fire.

‘This be more like it,’ Gig said excitedly. ‘Now we show thems!’

‘Will you shut up, Gig. I need to concentrate.’

‘Sorry boss,’ Gig replied and disappeared.

As you can see this is not exactly a fight scene, although I was going to write it as such to begin with. However I decided that as the castle was more or less deserted by humans at that time, Quatho’s journey there to free her Deathbane should be quick and hassle-free. She is a powerful magic user, and provided she is allowed to keep her concentration she can bring the fire element to bear very quickly… And so she simply storms into the dungeon, dealing with two very surprised opponents without hesitation. This compressed version of what I originally had in mind actually works much better, and holds much more impact… showing just how powerful, evil, and determined the old witch can really be.


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yet another interview

Hot on the heels of my first interview, i have just completed a second one with none other than Miss katrina jack. Here is the link to her blog where it can be viewed in full.


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New interview

Having just been interviewed on-line, i would like to share the link for you all.

This is my first on-line interview regarding my books, and I must say I was rather nervous about it.


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Animals in battle

Having reached the final chapter in the third book I now come to the large battle scene between the two opposing forces. Being outnumbered ten to one, the northern army would soon perrish under the onslaught of the southern invasion. But thanks to the special powers of the Silent Blade, the northerners now have a rather eclectic bunch of reinforcements.

And so, with a mixture of huge bears, cougars, wolves, dragons, and giant elementals fighting by their side, the northern army might just stand a chance of defeating the southerners.

We shall soon find out

Happy reading everyone.

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A New review

Book one of the Silent Blade Chronicles has just had another great review. I have pasted it in below for all to read.

Having just read this tale of high fantasy, adventure, sorcery and dragons, I felt as if I’d completed an epic journey. David Graham’s characters are three dimensional, making it easy for the reader to emphasise with them.

Yes, there’re the usual ingredients of high fantasy, such as wizards, witches and dragons, but Mr Graham manages to depict them in a different and unique way. The touches of comedy he employs throughout, amuse without detracting from the overall narrative and dialogue.

The description of the backdrops  are excellent, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in the story with ease.

On the whole, the plot and characterisation are well crafted, only slightly married by some repetition, which given the excellence of the book overall, can be forgiven.

My advice? This is well worth purchasing and adding to any fantasy buff’s library. As Mr Graham would say himself – happy reading. :D

This review can be seen on the book’s amazon page, and below i have placed a link to the reviewer’s blog


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I have been invited to do an on-line interview about my books. This will be a first for me, and I must admit to being rather nervous about it. However I shall brace myself for the moment and do my my best to make this a memorable event.

Once i have the details of the interview at hand i shall post it on here for all to see.

Happy reading everyone.

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Mixing fantasy with Sci-Fi

Up till now the Silent Blade series has been based around the traditional fantasy genre. However, as I come to the end of book three I also come to a new stepping stone in the series, where I begin to introduce a certain amount of Science Fiction into the story. Without giving any of the plot away I can say that this will expand the Silent Blade world immensely, and hopefully draw its attention to many other readers.

Happy reading everyone

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