The use of magic in a battle

With thousands of combatants facing each other across the meadows of Garramor the battle is about to commence. But what of those magic users who have no experience of fighting?

The majority of these are, of course, healers of the highest quality, and are even now setting themselves up to the rear of the northern ranks in a makeshift field hospital, and here they will use their powers to heal as many of the wounded as they can. Of course they cannot replace arms and legs ( even if the severed limbs have been brought to them ). But they can at least ease the pain of the wounded and bring some comfort to them.

However, there is a very small number of these magic users who will be entering the battle.  These are the most powerful of their kind, and will create havoc amongst their opposition.

Let us hope this battle will end with a victory for the good… even though history shows that this is never always the case !

Happy reading everyone.


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