A New review

Book one of the Silent Blade Chronicles has just had another great review. I have pasted it in below for all to read.

Having just read this tale of high fantasy, adventure, sorcery and dragons, I felt as if I’d completed an epic journey. David Graham’s characters are three dimensional, making it easy for the reader to emphasise with them.

Yes, there’re the usual ingredients of high fantasy, such as wizards, witches and dragons, but Mr Graham manages to depict them in a different and unique way. The touches of comedy he employs throughout, amuse without detracting from the overall narrative and dialogue.

The description of the backdrops  are excellent, enabling the reader to immerse themselves in the story with ease.

On the whole, the plot and characterisation are well crafted, only slightly married by some repetition, which given the excellence of the book overall, can be forgiven.

My advice? This is well worth purchasing and adding to any fantasy buff’s library. As Mr Graham would say himself – happy reading. :D

This review can be seen on the book’s amazon page, and below i have placed a link to the reviewer’s blog



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