Building the story

I suppose many of the ideas simply evolve with the story, and as one character ( or group of characters ) enters and completes one event, this opens up other avenues and posibilities. This is the great thing about fantasy writing… there are NO bounderies. But i still need to make it believeable for the reader, and the continuity must be right, along with the “plot timeline”, which is dificult when dealing with a tale that spans 2000 years. The biggest problem is that the main story is fixed in my mind, but as the tale unfolds on the screen, these new posibilities jump out at me, and i then need to find a way to incorporate them into the tale. This doesn’t always work, and many are scrapped ( which is why this sort of thing can take a while to write. ) For this reason i have a large data base file in my other machine, which i constantly update and run alongside my word processor


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