Chapter one

I always find the first chapter of a book the hardest to write, especially as, in the case of the Chronicles, each book follows on dierctly from the previous one.

Now you might think this would be easy… a natural progression of the story. but this is not quite the case. Yes it is true that the story continues, but the begining of each book is also the begining of a new episode, and must be treated with care. Often people will pick up a book not realising it is the second, third, or even fourth part of an epic story. And so, as the author, i must ease the reader into the plot gently, allowing them time to realise they are in the middle of something much bigger then the six hundred page book they have just picked up.

But i have completed the first chapter of the next book to my satisfaction, and now i can let the story flow into its natural progression.

Happy reading everyone.


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