Why do we write

Many people ask me how I became an author.

The answer to this is not as simple as a lot of people might think. To begin with it is not something that you instantly decide to be when you leave school ( at least this applies to most of the authors I know ). Instead writing comes to people over a period of time. For many it may be the creation of a few poems, or an essay on a praticular subject that they feel passionate about. these small things may lie around in a drawer or in an unopened box for many years, before the writer once again comes upon them. Of course, I always believe that age and life-experiences help in the creative process, and this could be why many of todays authors look at these previous small works and decide to expand on them.

But there must also be a deep, heart-felt passion towards writing before anyone can truly call themselves an author. To spill your emotions onto a page, knowing the entire literary world could concievably  will read it, and possibly even critisise the work, means the need for a certain kind of bravery, too.

So, becoming an author means many things to many people. But most of all it means commitment to your own heart, and to your emotions and beliefs.

Happy reading everyone



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