How do legends begin ?

In the end it is sad that this world of ours has lost contact with so much “original” culture. The ancient times might have been hard, but there was medicine, teaching, farming, and everything was made by hand by skilled men and women. Few youngsters nowadays don’t even understand the true meaning of the word “legend”, yet where do our legends come from, if not from some event that actually happened all those centuries ago?

Every ancient legend has its roots in a grain of truth. So about this… is it not strange that every culture in the world, from the North American Inuits, to the Chinese, the Aborigoni, The Mid-West Amarican Indian, The Norsemen, and hundreds of other cultures… each one of them have legends concerning DRAGONS…! Yet these legends came about long before any of these people made contact with each other!

This is not mere coincidence… this has to come from fact !


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