Into the past

The biggest problem with writing a tale that spans 2000 years is keeping the various plots running in sequence.

So, having written the first three books in the Silent Blade Chronicles, which tell the story in the middle part of the tale I now find myself going back 1000 years to the time it all began. Various characters, and events that appear in the middle section, are all involved in this “historic” part, and because so much has been written about them, this must now be resolved in the fourth book.

Of course, the fifth book will take the story 1000 years into the future, and very likely I will be faced with similar problems when I come to that part.

But however it turns out I would like to say that this epic tale has been a real joy to work on.


Happy reading everyone



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2 responses to “Into the past

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  2. It gets monstrously complicated doesn’t it? Delighted you’re having fun.



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