Future books

Many people ask me what is to come after the Silent Blade Chronicles are finished. Well, although there are still two books to complete in the series I have been working on an idea for a brand new trilogy.

However this new idea will be very much different to the Chronicles in several ways. To begin with this trilogy will be aimed at a more adult audience: gone will be the gentle humour and the carefree camaraderie of the main characters, and gone will be the noticeable lack of swearing and rough speech.

In place of this the new fantasy “Saga” will be very much more hard-hitting and true to life in a dangerous, and corrupt world.

So why, you might ask, have I decided to venture into this change of direction for the future of my books? Well the answer is simple… I firmly believe that as an author and artiste of the written word it is important to explore every aspect of the genre in which I work. This can have a two-fold effect: it gives me the chance to work on something new and different, and more importantly it gives my readers a wholly new and unexpected journey upon which to travel.

For obvious reasons I won’t give out any details for this new venture yet, and I still have a lot of work to do to finish the Chronicles. But at least the future looks as if it will be busy as far as my writing is concerned.

Happy reading everyone


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