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Mating Dragons

Standing atop the craggy bluffs, a movement caught his eye and he looked to his left. Yes, it was her again, the one who had captured his heart, even though she was not yet aware of this fact. He watched as she moved provocatively across the rock, every now and then looking toward him with tentative glances. She was magnificent! A perfect vision of female wonderment. As she moved ever closer to him his heart began to beat faster, and his body went ridged with apprehension. She was making her move; deliberately advancing on him, becoming bolder with every step!
Now he could smell her scent as it drifted towards him on a gentle warm breeze. And by that scent he realised their union was now inevitable. After so long loving her secretly from afar, and thinking she had been ignoring him, here she was, giving him all the signs he had ever wished for!
Glancing nervously around he realised they were alone! He visibly shuddered with a strangely acceptable fear and turned to face her.
Her eyes shone like the rising sun as her face came within a few inches of his. Taking a deep breath he moved his head forward and nuzzled the side of her face with his. She let out a low moan and licked gently at his neck.
Within seconds he had entwined his neck around hers, and spread his wings to their utmost… whispering in her ear as he tightened his grip on her.
“At last, you are mine.”
She moaned one more time, and whispered back. “Take me, my love… take me to the highest heights of ecstasy.”
There was nothing more to be said. With a mighty sweep of his giant wings the great black Drake lifted them both from the ground. Higher and higher he took them, till they were nothing more than a tiny dot in the sky!


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Thy Dragon

From a timeless age be he summoned.
Bereft of sin, and pure at heart, he be thy champion.
Of strength and wisdom does he abound.
In times of need, he take thy side.
Call forth thy dragon!

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“Within my dream I cowered before this tremendous sense of power. I was crushed into helpless submission before this spirit… for I had already guessed it was one of the immortals. Yet in my dream I did not have the power to lift my head and look upon it. The unbearable weight of imminence pressed down on me, forcing me to my knees. As the pressure in air around me became unbearable I forced myself to suck air into my tortured lungs, and gasped as I let it out again… this was like no immortal I had come across before, and all I could do was cringe under the sheer weight of supremacy that surrounded me!”

Small excerpt from “Dawn of the Gods”… book four in the Silent Blade Chronicles… When Trellan first encounters glorious Nightwing !


Happy reading everyone

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