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Happy 2nd aniversary to The Silent Blade Chronicles

It was exactly two years ago today, 20-12-2011 that the Silent Blade Chronicles was launched onto Amazon Kindle. The first book “A Sword for Hire”, was something I had worked on for a long time, and on that date I was finally proud to announce its publication… so happy 2nd anniversary to the Chronicles, and long may they remain to lighten the hearts of my readers


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From the heart of a dragon

Be it: Heart Mind and Soul

In a world far from our sight, where mortals dare not walk.
Be it that his power is all glorious.
And yes, he stands alone; a god of gods.
Be it that his heart is good.
For eternity does his glory spread outwards.
Be it that his mind is pure. And he watches over us.
Be it that his soul is filled with kindness.

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What better than an ebook?

Without books the world would suffer a serious lack of knowledge. Books can be many things: informative, relaxing, fun, and entertaining. Many people ( myself included ) have collections of books, proudly displayed in cabinets and on shelves in their homes. But now we have entered an age of the “ebook”, where literally thousands of books can be stored on a small, compact device.

I must admit that when I first heard of these “ereaders” I baulked at the idea, and said “These things will never catch on!”

SO I was wrong!

The modern ereader ( kindle, KOBO etc ) have now become “the” way to collect, and read books. And yes, I am now the proud owner of a kindle.

And what an amazing piece of equipment it is. Now I can carry an entire library around with me, and read whenever, or wherever I want to. Of course I still own a good collection of “real” books, but my kindle has become my best little friend.

But it does not end there. Kids, who would normally never read a real book, would be more likely to pick up an ereader. This is a great thing, as through this technology it means that our youngsters will continue to broaden their minds, and will also ( hopefully ) keep a lot of the old classics alive.

For me personally the ereader also meant that I could at last find a publisher who deals solely in the ebook market, and was willing to publish my work. This was a very proud moment for me, and since then my first two books are also available in paperback versions too.

But the most important thing is that through the amazing invention of the internet, my books are easily available to anyone in the world who owns a computer. I wrote them for the enjoyment of all… a simple tale of friendship, and how it can overcome evil

So to you, dear reader, have a browse through the links above, and treat yourself to a few hours of escapism in a world of fantasy

Happy reading everyone


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A new update for my american fans and readers

It has come to my attention that the vast majority of hits on my blog come from America. Therefore it is only fair that I now include a link ( at the top of the page ) that will take you directly to the site. There you will find the first book in the Silent Blade Chronicles, to download for your kindle.

The following two books should also be accessible from this site too.

I hope my American fans and readers will find this useful.

Happy reading my friends

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Little Hoog’s perception of the human world

Hoog is another of my main characters. He is an elemental sprite, and as such has a very different outlook to that of a human. He might be small and mischievous, but he is a tough little guy … here are a few of his thoughts on the human world

1: “You want me to be a lert. Okay, me be a lert…. er, boss, what is a lert?”

2: “Sure, I can do that, boss.”

    “Will you stop calling me boss!”

    “Okay boss.”

3: “Him’s thinking with him’s head again… this is not good!”

4: “Oh, me eat too much cake!”

5: “You have mate, human…? No, you too old to have mate!”

6: “Stop hitting Hoog…!”

7: “Boss, that be a d dr… it a dragon…!”

8: “We sure show them, boss.”

9: “Me not feel well, bad magics in the air!”

10: “Hah, you just big poo-head… you listen to Priff next time!”


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The words of Priff

For those of you who have not read The Silent Blade Chronicles, Priff is one of my main characters. She is a shape-changer, and as such is just as much beast as she is human. But as the young Priff finally learns to live with real humans for the first time in her life she begins to realise there is a vast difference between being human, and being an animal. Here are a few of her thoughts on the subject.

1: “If that stupid human had a proper sense of smell, he would know I was already mated!”

2: “Why do humans make their world so complicated, then complain about it?”

3: “Why do humans need so many words?”

4: Priff on the subject of cutlery. “Fingers used for lifting food, knife to kill, and me not need spoon thing, me have tongue for drinks!”

5: “Human city is strange place… one nest for work, another nest for sleeps?”

6: “What are clothes?”

7: “Human heads too full of stuff!”

8: “Think like beast in fight, or you die!”

9: “Priff likes human thing called love!”

10: “Of course me knows Mother Spirit… all beasts know her!”


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