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Being an author means more than just sitting staring at a screen wondering what your characters are going to do next. One of the side effects of this job is being in the public eye and having to deal with interviews. The latest trend is to do these interviews on-line, and have them cast out on the internet for the world to read. My latest interview was with fellow author and reviewer Katrina Jack. Now you might think that answering this barrage of questions on-line rather than in person would be easy… well it is not as easy as it seems! To begin with it is important to structure the answers in such a way that they not only fulfil the question, but grab the attention of any possible on-line audience. The phrasing of these answers will also reflect on the author’s own personal writing style, and again this will reflect on his/her own published work.

Anyhow, this is now my fourth on-line interview, so I am getting used to it now… and here is the link to Katrina’s blog, for you all to have a read.

Happy reading everyone.


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What better than an ebook?

I just Thought I would reblog this for you all

The Silent Blade Chronicles

Without books the world would suffer a serious lack of knowledge. Books can be many things: informative, relaxing, fun, and entertaining. Many people ( myself included ) have collections of books, proudly displayed in cabinets and on shelves in their homes. But now we have entered an age of the “ebook”, where literally thousands of books can be stored on a small, compact device.

I must admit that when I first heard of these “ereaders” I baulked at the idea, and said “These things will never catch on!”

SO I was wrong!

The modern ereader ( kindle, KOBO etc ) have now become “the” way to collect, and read books. And yes, I am now the proud owner of a kindle.

And what an amazing piece of equipment it is. Now I can carry an entire library around with me, and read whenever, or wherever I want to. Of course…

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What better than an ebook?

What better than an ebook?.

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In the begining

Many years ago I had a dream, a very special dream… a dream which lives with me even to this day. The dream showed me the birth of a powerful dragon god. For many years I had no idea why this dream came to me, or what it meant. Yet it remained in my mind, as clearly as the first moment I experienced it.

Eventually that dream was to become the seed of an idea, which gradually germinated into a tale of epic proportions… surprising even me in its scale!

This was the birth of the Silent Blade Chronicles…!

Happy reading everyone

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