The first book in the Silent Blade Chronicles “A Sword for Hire” was published on kindle on the 20th of december 2011, by ecanus publishing. Since then the second book, “The Tomb of Sharakir” has been brought out on the same format, and i am now working on the third book in the series, called “Deathbane”.
Recently ecanus decided to take a step forward and brought “A Sword for Hire” out in paperback. These are only available on-line so far, and i hope to have “Deathbane” completed within the next few weeks. After that there are another two books planed to complete the series. Although the completed Chronicles will work out at roughly 600,000 words, I have deliberately written this fantasy epic to be an easy read, with gentle humor running through much of the narrative. I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it.
Happy reading everyone.


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