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For our American cousins

I have noticed lately that the majority of traffic through my blog comes from the United States of America…. and of course you are all very welcome.

So, for all you fantasy readers in the US of A I am posting a special link to the Amazon.com site where you will find my first book “A Sword for Hire”. This is the first in a 5 part Chronicle, which deals with the adventures of four very special people, ( as well as their friends and family ). I deliberately wrote this long tale for all age groups to enjoy. It does not contain any brutal violence, or graphic sex scenes… and you might think this would be rather boring…!

But it is not boring in any way.

Far from it, in fact. The Silent Blade Chronicles is a tale of friendship, with a strain of gentle and subtle humour running throughout the script. As the story unfolds the reader begins to discover many strange and wonderful facts about the world in which my heroes live… and behind all of this an even stranger fact about the history of the worlds’ magic users begins to emerge. But by the end of each book can you guess what is about to happen next…?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you…


Happy reading everyone


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A new year begins

Firstly I would like to wish all of my readers and fans a very happy and prosperous new year.

Plans for the last two books in the Silent Blade Chronicles are well under way for 2014, and hopefully book 4 “Dawn of the Gods” will be out soon on Amazon kindle.

In the meanwhile please feel free to use the links at the top of the blog page to browse the first three books in the series ( they are available on both Amazon.uk and Amazon.com ).

Happy reading everyone

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From the heart of a dragon

Be it: Heart Mind and Soul

In a world far from our sight, where mortals dare not walk.
Be it that his power is all glorious.
And yes, he stands alone; a god of gods.
Be it that his heart is good.
For eternity does his glory spread outwards.
Be it that his mind is pure. And he watches over us.
Be it that his soul is filled with kindness.

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A new update for my american fans and readers

It has come to my attention that the vast majority of hits on my blog come from America. Therefore it is only fair that I now include a link ( at the top of the page ) that will take you directly to the amazon.com site. There you will find the first book in the Silent Blade Chronicles, to download for your kindle.

The following two books should also be accessible from this site too.

I hope my American fans and readers will find this useful.

Happy reading my friends

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Little Hoog’s perception of the human world

Hoog is another of my main characters. He is an elemental sprite, and as such has a very different outlook to that of a human. He might be small and mischievous, but he is a tough little guy … here are a few of his thoughts on the human world

1: “You want me to be a lert. Okay, me be a lert…. er, boss, what is a lert?”

2: “Sure, I can do that, boss.”

    “Will you stop calling me boss!”

    “Okay boss.”

3: “Him’s thinking with him’s head again… this is not good!”

4: “Oh, me eat too much cake!”

5: “You have mate, human…? No, you too old to have mate!”

6: “Stop hitting Hoog…!”

7: “Boss, that be a d dr… it a dragon…!”

8: “We sure show them, boss.”

9: “Me not feel well, bad magics in the air!”

10: “Hah, you just big poo-head… you listen to Priff next time!”


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The words of Priff

For those of you who have not read The Silent Blade Chronicles, Priff is one of my main characters. She is a shape-changer, and as such is just as much beast as she is human. But as the young Priff finally learns to live with real humans for the first time in her life she begins to realise there is a vast difference between being human, and being an animal. Here are a few of her thoughts on the subject.

1: “If that stupid human had a proper sense of smell, he would know I was already mated!”

2: “Why do humans make their world so complicated, then complain about it?”

3: “Why do humans need so many words?”

4: Priff on the subject of cutlery. “Fingers used for lifting food, knife to kill, and me not need spoon thing, me have tongue for drinks!”

5: “Human city is strange place… one nest for work, another nest for sleeps?”

6: “What are clothes?”

7: “Human heads too full of stuff!”

8: “Think like beast in fight, or you die!”

9: “Priff likes human thing called love!”

10: “Of course me knows Mother Spirit… all beasts know her!”


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Mating Dragons

Standing atop the craggy bluffs, a movement caught his eye and he looked to his left. Yes, it was her again, the one who had captured his heart, even though she was not yet aware of this fact. He watched as she moved provocatively across the rock, every now and then looking toward him with tentative glances. She was magnificent! A perfect vision of female wonderment. As she moved ever closer to him his heart began to beat faster, and his body went ridged with apprehension. She was making her move; deliberately advancing on him, becoming bolder with every step!
Now he could smell her scent as it drifted towards him on a gentle warm breeze. And by that scent he realised their union was now inevitable. After so long loving her secretly from afar, and thinking she had been ignoring him, here she was, giving him all the signs he had ever wished for!
Glancing nervously around he realised they were alone! He visibly shuddered with a strangely acceptable fear and turned to face her.
Her eyes shone like the rising sun as her face came within a few inches of his. Taking a deep breath he moved his head forward and nuzzled the side of her face with his. She let out a low moan and licked gently at his neck.
Within seconds he had entwined his neck around hers, and spread his wings to their utmost… whispering in her ear as he tightened his grip on her.
“At last, you are mine.”
She moaned one more time, and whispered back. “Take me, my love… take me to the highest heights of ecstasy.”
There was nothing more to be said. With a mighty sweep of his giant wings the great black Drake lifted them both from the ground. Higher and higher he took them, till they were nothing more than a tiny dot in the sky!

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